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just wow!

Unboxing this was so much fun, hadn't been so excited for anything in a long time. Works like Magic. The app is so simple and fun to use, reminds me a bit of snapchat.


Works just as advertised. Sent a few videos around to friends and everyone keeps asking how I made them. This is by far the most comfortable tops I own. It is so soft and comfortable, I could even sleep wearing it. The design is very unique. I also just found out that these are limited edition designs.


Cool products, great technology. The sticker quality is good. You should consider making some animated skateboard grip, it would sell out in seconds.

Beyond dope. Funny, artistic, avant-garde, and all this in a small sticker. The clothes looks great too but haven't purchased any of those yet.

Will you be making any hoodies soon? Who do I contact in your company to discuss a potential collab?

Cool new accessory. I'm very happy with this hat.

DJ Dog
Comfortable t-shirt A+

Comfortable t-shirt. The fabric isn't made from cheap or normal cotton, it has got to be some sort of new hyrbid material. I've washed mine a few times already and it is still extremely soft. Doesn't feel warm or keep heat like normal cotton does. I recommend this if you live in a warm climate and like wearing black t-shirts.

About the AR feature - I have tested it for the first time yesterday and I've gotta say I was amazed at how good it is. I have tried other AR products in the past but none of them worked as well as this one did. Image resolution on the animation is pristine, the audio and video are in perfect sync.

The app has some cool features like record videos or gifs.

Great Hat

Pros: Fits really well, fabric is super soft, color and quality of print looks great.
Cons: None that I could find so far.

Verdict on animation: Cool feature that turns the hat into a conversation starter. Trippy animation but oh so very streatwear-esque. The AR app works great btw.

Very impressive AR

Intrinsically sweet sticker but just way way better with the animation in AR. Purchased this to test the app and get a feel of how well it works. Must say, I'm impressed.

So funny, cracks me up every time

I like to put skins on my Juul to avoid mixing it up with my friends. Saw an ad for the t-shirts online and when I saw this sticker I knew that I wanted it. Stuck it onto my Juul within seconds of it being delivered, downloaded the app, and I've been making videos with it all day. The streamwear app works well, easy to save the videos to your phone so that you can even send them to friends by text or whatsapp. Going to order the pink one next time : )

Top Pet

made my day when I received it in the mail yersterday. works exactly as advertised. very happy to have received it so fast!

Art references abound

So many cool art references in this animation, from Hokusai's Wave, to Van Gogh's Starry Night. Love the creativity and artistry of this concept. I have received mine and it's love at first sight. Will be ordering more in different designs very soon.

Simply awesome


Works like a charm

Purchased this item as a test to figure out how easy it would be to animate with the app. Works so well, it's a breeze. The app UI is very neat and simple, doesn't take any time to learn how to use and is very similar to snapchat of instagram. I'm gonna place a bulk order in the coming days to use them in an art installation that I have been working on. Keep it up 100 fire, looking forward to new designs.

- Chris from New Zealand

🤯Mind blowing, amazing

Didn't believe it would work so well until I received it.
The app works really well, videos and gifs that I've made can be saved to my phone which is so cool.

Very professional service and cool products

I ordered a size large by accident and emailed the 100 fire team to ask to change the size to medium for me. They were very helpful and friendly. My t-shirt arrived yesterday and it works perfectly with the application. The videos are very fun and it is a nice garment. Very happy that I bought it and very pleased with the good service offered by this brand. I will order a few more for the summer.

Yi Jia from Singapore


Overall - Great long sleeve top for a good price. The animated AR graphic just makes it an even sweeter deal.

Cut - Nice, comfortable, good sleeve length. No issues here

Details - Everything from the size label to the ribbed cuffs proportions are very well done. Great execution, You can tell that this was designed with a lot of love and care.

Printing Quality - High. Not you average Urban Outfitters graphic tee. The chest and sleeves prints are very neatly done, the colors are vivid. Overall graphic quality is just as high as something you would find on an Off White or other similar luxury streetwear brand, except that this top is 5x less expensive. Very happy as you can tell that it won’t wear off over time.

Packaging - Very professional. Double packed. Internal packaging consists of a reusable zip style pouch bag with the brand logo on it it red. Inside, the top was neatly folded and wrapped in a special paper which I assume prevents wrinkling. Double sided multi-colour removable brand tag with the app name for animations, and a cool hologram sticker to show it’s the real deal.

😂 🤣 😃 😄

Got this as a gift yesterday from my flatmate. I'm a DJ and he's filmed me during sets wearing this and with the animation playing through the StreamWear app. The videos are 🔥🔥🔥. Super easy to save em to your camera roll and repost on IG and Snapchat.

Gonna try to see if 100 🔥can make custom designs and merch for the club I play at. These would sell out in seconds like hot cakes.

Sweet Tee Bruh

Fun tee, haven't seen anything like this for sale before. The animation with the iOS app works when filmed from a few 10 feet away. Gotta say was super intrigued at first but was not disappointed. The tee came in premium packaging with a special reusable branded bag and with a tag with a hologram sticker to authenticate it. 100 Fire is fire.

It's a steal

At this price it's a complete steal. Not only is the quality, finish, and packaging superb but the animations are completely revolutionary and hilarious. Hands down the best purchase I made this year.

This is gonna be the hottest streetwear brand of the summer

Sick animation. T-shirt material is soft and fit is relaxed. Dope packaging. Got it as a birthday gift from a homie. Would 100 % recommend buying from this brand.

I should have thought of this

These t-shirts are phenomenal. Can't believe I didn't think of this idea... you guys are gonna do well! Thx for the great product and quick answers to my emails. All the best – Willard

Cool Tee

Got mine in the mail yesterday. Great fit, nice packaging, overall sweet tee for the price. The graphic print is high resolution and scans nicely with the app, the animation is awesome. Gonna order some more tees from these guys in the coming weeks.

Love it!

Such a good quality t-shirt and amazing customer service. The animation is a huge bonus. Going to order a few more!


So funny I love it! Pls make more animations with funny songs


I was a little skeptical being that it wasn’t a lot of reviews but I was hella excited when the shirt came. It worked just like it said 🙌🏽 I’ve already recorded tons of videos with the shirt on & everyone keeps asking me how I did it 😂 Definitely more stuff from here! Just wish they had a faster shipping option because even though I didn’t wait long, it felt like forever because I was excited to try it out!